Colleen-Joy Apple Tree teacher

I'm sure that you've had moments in your life when you are in the "zone" - you know what to say, and things just work! That's your Apple Tree showing up - the you that knows just what to do and say, effortlessly. When we're in our Apple Tree zone, we impact others lives in a powerful positive way, we inspire, empower and move others. And of course, we also feel happy, fulfilled and "on purpose".

Your Apple Tree is your true, natural, liberated you. An Apple Tree doesn't have a choice about being an Apple Tree.  Freeing our Apple Tree brings incredible peace, joy, wisdom and fulfilment.

When you FIND your Apple Tree and learn how to 'tune in' to your Apple Tree wisdom, you can operate in this zone all of the time. It does take guidance at first, then focus and practise, but once you find your Apple Tree, it's like discovering gold. The Apple Tree teaches us that we don't have to "become" someone. We only need to free the natural self that is already there (often hidden beneath mental noise and conditioning).

FIND your Apple Tree. It's waiting for you.

So how do we do this?

To FIND your Apple Tree you need, what I call IN-tuition - which is the language of your Apple Tree.

Apple Tree IN-tuition can help you to tune in to your deeper truth, your wisdom and true expression. It can help you to find your path.
What I've seen, is that when you find your Apple Tree and FREE it, you make the difference you were born to make, by being all that you were born to be!

My Apple Tree courses include In-tuition training. 

Once we find our Apple Tree, our true, powerful, liberated natural self, then it's up to us to fully Realise it. What does this mean?

Our Apple Tree is usually restricted or even totally shut down by one of several inner obstacles. To fully Realise our Apple Tree potential and to realise the truth of our free self, it helps to understand and transform these obstacles. Sometimes by just seeing the obstacles for what they are, they are removed. More stubborn inner obstacles need work to transform them.

So what obstacles are in the way of our Apple Tree full realisation?

  1. The first obstacle is ignorance - not having the knowledge of what we truly are. When we don't know what we really are, we invite the 2nd obstacle, one that causes a lot of suffering...
  2. The second obstacle is Mistaken identity - we make the mistake of thinking we are something we are not. Like an Apple Tree that doesn't know it's an Apple Tree and then makes the mistake of believing the Orchard of life and thinks that it's purpose it to make oranges.

From these 2 inner obstacles arise many other painful obstacles. Like taking on others burdens, losing our wholeness, struggling to make decisions and relationships issues etc.

Once we heal the root obstacle, which is IGNORANCE, then the other obstacles are virtually cut off from their power supply and so they die off. We are liberated.

So after finding the Apple Tree, we work to fully Realise the true self. To embody the truth by removing all inner obstacles to this embodiment. 

To really Empower our Apple Tree, it really helps to build up a resource of tools, skills and processes that you can use for the rest of your life.

Inner obstacles have a way of continuing to show up even after we realise our true self. By having the tools to transform our inner obstacles, we can quickly and effectively work to transform them. Imagine being able to coach and guide yourself and others to transform their inner obstacles like:fear, self doubt, procrastination, guilt, shame, carrying others burdens, family baggage, self esteem blocks, stubbornness, lethargy, anger, limiting beliefs etc.

Equip yourself to transform inner obstacles (both yours and others).

To empower yourself to make your Apple Tree strong, and to even learn how to coach others I recommend the following courses:

  1. ILS Master Communicator Coaching Skills
  2. ILS 7 Step Dream Builder
  3. ILS Empower tools (for inner obstacles)

I created the ILS InnerLifeSkills coaching system to empower you to empower yourself and others - this system and body of work contains everything you need to Find, Realise and Empower your Apple Tree self. And then if you choose to, to coach, inspire and lead others to do the same.