Colleen-Joy is the founder and author of InnerLifeSklls® and Enlightened Apple Tree™

For the past 20 years, Colleen-Joy has delivered over 900 presentations around the world, published 3 books, appeared in 2 documentary features about her life and been an expert guest on more than 20 television shows.

She has dedicated her life to empowering people with her trademark InneLifeSkills coaching skills, and enlightening people with her much loved Enlightened Apple Tree work.

InnerLifeSkills ® Coaching International

Master Communication Coaching Skills Training - Empowering you to Empower others!

Why do some people manage to inspire, influence and impact with ease and authenticity, and others struggle. The key lies in simply knowing how. Ignorance costs us - it costs us the privilege to make a positive difference. If you can't master your communication skills, then you are stuck wondering why you can't easily get people to rally behind you, leading and moving your world forward. Master these skills and watch how easily you can make that positive, powerful change, where every word you speak counts!


Enlightened Apple Tree

Enlightenment in the real word - for seekers of liberation 

What does ignorance cost us? It costs us our freedom, truth, peace and wholeness. If you are a serious seeker, hungry for the kind of inner work that brings true enlightenment, then you will have possibly realised that enlightenment comes from deep seeing, self realisation and awakening. But how do we work on this most important of life tasks when life and it's modern demands keep us busy? Do we need to sacrifice our work, our lives and livelihoods to honour the inner call? No. This body of work is lovingly dedicated to support and guide people through all the Seasons of the Soul - the Autumn of questioning, the Winter of suffering, the Spring of Self Realisation and the Summer of Enlightenment.