"Live an enlightened life."

Fall in love with what the eyes cannot see — your true self.

My invitation to you to live an enlightened life

Enlightenment is not only for beautiful robe-wearing saints. Enlightenment and the peace, freedom, healing and deep rest that it brings belongs in everyday life, at work, at home, in parenting, in relationship, in health and in building a life of purposeful meaning.

Enlightenment is freedom from the ignorance that imprisons the heart, mind and gut.

Enlightenment happens in any place where truth powerfully liberates you from ignorance.
It happens when you courageously ask questions to find deep truth. When you question the status quo and build a life of authenticity. When you drop limiting habits and replace them with liberating habits. When you take truth into the darkness of fear and free your body and mind. And yes, enlightenment happens when your mind becomes self-realised, awakened to your true nondual self.

When enlightenment happens in response the question “Who am I?”, I call this ‘falling in love with the true self’. You are already everything you're looking for. And when you live an enlightened life, you are naturally guided by an intuitive flow of peace and happiness. You can stand confidently as yourself, equal to all humanness, empty of self images yet filled with love.

Enlightenment takes courage, but you are not alone. This, the grand prize of all true inner work is breathtakingly ordinary. This is my invitation to you — to live an enlightened life.

I’m a crazy fool who fell in love with what the eyes cannot see — the true self. This love has been expressed in my work as an artist, coach and author for over 20 years. I offer this work to you here — with gratitude.

I'm very happy to meet you.