“Let’s Guide, Coach & Lead with Wisdom together.”


Creator of InnerLifeSkills, Conscious Entrepreneur,
3 Times Published Author. Master Coach Maker.

Lover of Rumi, the Redwood Forests of San Francisco and getting her hands in the dirt trying to grow organic food at home.
Often found driving her muddy 4×4 to camp in wild African fence-free bushveld or tuning in to inner wisdom.

Mentors Master Coaches InnerLifeSkills School
Guides Conscious Businesses Colleen-joy speaker
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Assesses and certifies ICF ACC PCC MCC

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Colleen-Joy is a masterful teacher, whose teachings are in the league of Byron Katie’s ‘Work’ and the deep insight of Debbie Ford, enabling others to find enlightened wisdom.”
Debra Stevens Robins, Editor Odyssey Magazine

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If your true nature is a coach, freeing your Apple Tree is how you free your purpose.
I created the InnerLifeSkills Master Coach School to serve you and those you serve, to fulfill your Apple Tree Purpose.

No need to settle for surface to-do-list coaching

The world of professional coaching can be plastic-thin OR it can be filled with depth and wisdom. 

If a ChatBot AI can ask typical goal-setting action plan coaching questions, we need to be able to offer more. Whether you are a leader, coach, facilitator, therapist or consultant, you can help people to breakthrough their inner obstacles and free inner wealth. That’s why I created InnerLifeSkills Master Coaching.

Is it your purpose to guide, coach and lead with wisdom?

We’ve built a world thirsty for the clear seeing of wisdom, causing immense suffering. Inner wisdom has power – it heals and transforms.

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Let your inner student meet your inner teacher.

We sat cross-legged on the cold school hall floor. I was a shy 9-year-old, trying to be invisible, dipping my head to hide my scars and avoid the eyeballs of my classmates and teacher.

Our Irish music teacher put down his guitar, bright red-faced sighed, “Okay, there’s 10 minutes of class left; anyone of ye wants to come up to the stage, ye can sing, dance, say a poem. Who wants to come up then?”

I looked around to see who the sucker would be when my hand went up on its own…

NONDUAL QUOTE your inner teacher is the same as mind - Colleen-Joy


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Knowledge empowers, Wisdom enlightens.

Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of Conversations with God, after hearing Colleen-Joy speak said, “You belong on an international stage.”

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