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Colleen-Joy MCC, a Master Coach Mentor and the driving force behind the InnerLifeSkills brand, invites you to join her global community of leaders, coaches and visionaries making a living, making a difference every day.

Colleen-Joy MCC InnerLifeSkills Author

“Changing the Lives of People Who Change Lives”

You know that being called to lead, guide and coach isn’t an easy path. 

Colleen-Joy and her partner team, teach the tools and skills to help you…

  • Be a Voice for Wisdom—Build Wisdom Wells
  • Use Your Purpose to Create Natural Prosperity—Grow Apple Trees
  • Turn inner and outer conflict into a force for Positive Change—Fly Kites

Colleen’s clients include Master Coaches (from Life Coaches to Business, Enneagram to Executive), C-Suite Executives, Pro Athletes, Leaders, Influencers, Consultants, Psychologists, Spiritual Teachers and Visionaries.

She has taught on stages and in boardrooms from Argentina to Cape Town, New York to Singapore, London to Namibia. 2 Documentaries were made about her life, and she’s been an expert guest on TV, radio and podcasts for over 20 years. Her 5-star rated Master Coach Programs have been accredited at the highest level by the ICF International Coaching Federation since 2012.  

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Colleen Joy MCC Apple Tree Wisdom Well Kite

Let me Show you how to
Build Wisdom Wells for Yourself and Others.

Take the best of meditation, mindfulness and self coaching… and use Colleen’s Wisdom Well Method to tune in deeper than your Surface mind, to send the bucket deep enough to find life changing inner wisdom.

Why Wisdom?

Some children are afraid of monsters under the bed, at four-years of age—I was the monster. An egg-sized tumor behind my right eye nearly took my sight and life. Strangers pointed or whispered, “What’s wrong with her?” leaving me with a crippling fear of being visible.

During an 8 hour surgery to remove the fibrous dysplasia tumor, I died twice, experiencing complete freedom, love and peace. My young mind called this 360-degrees of open being and seeing “home.” The bliss of “home” lasted for many days, as I sat like a mummy-child, head wrapped in bandages in my hospital bed, marveling at the alien wonder of having a body… read on


Colleen-Joy Wisdom toons

My wisdom toons celebrate giving voice to the inner voice of wisdom.

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Articles and Words of Wisdom

From overcoming self-doubt, to the challenges of Enneagram personality types, deep dives into wisdom and master coaching…

Your Wisdom Matters

If I could help you to see one thing, it would be to see that you have wisdom within you and that your wisdom matters. But I invite you to first meet me on the bridge of understanding because I'm using the word wisdom in a specific. The way I'm expressing it, wisdom...

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Are you being plus or minus?

They tell us that the only way to market is to act 'plus.' To sound like infomercials using aggressive confidence. 'Fake it till you make it' and pretend you're better than a planet full of competitors. Pretend you've got all the solutions,100% guaranteed. Anyone with...

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Why we get the Enneagram wrong

I want to shout this, so all enneagram lovers can hear, "The 9 Enneagram types are not based on what we do." Maybe you'll join me :-) Whenever I see someone struggling with mistyping, it always comes back to this critical teaching: The Enneagram is not based on what...

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What if you can’t find the answers within?

You try to find answers ‘within’ but all you get are busy thoughts or nothing. If you struggle to get ‘aha’ clarity and inner guidance you may feel like giving up. But what if there is 1 important first step that you might be missing? When I asked wisdom recently why...

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Colleen-Joy is a masterful teacher, whose teachings are in the league of Byron Katie’s ‘Work’ and the deep insight of Debbie Ford, enabling others to find enlightened wisdom.”
Debra Stevens Robins, Editor Odyssey Magazine

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