Meet Colleen-joy

Colleen-Joy enlightenment teacher

I'm Colleen-joy, creator of "InnerLifeSkills" and "Enlightened Apple Tree" which are 2 liberating systems used by many thousands of incredible people worldwide. Enlightenment is not only for beautiful robe-wearing saints. The inner peace, wisdom, freedom, clarity and lasting joy of enlightenment happens first in the awakening of your heart, mind and gut. And then it naturally moves to claim every facet of your life. Enlightenment demands to be lived, embodied and expressed. It changes everything, from how we look at ourselves in the mirror, to how we form and nurture relationships, how we work and even how we build our dreams.

Why enlightenment?

The world needs awake, authentic, purposeful self realised people. This, "enlightenment", the grand prize of all true inner work is breathtakingly ordinary. I've worked with leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, life coaches, consultants, executives, psychologists, entrepreneurs and many seekers of truth. What I love is seeing people realise who they truly are, and then use that inner freedom to build careers and businesses that make a difference in the world. I offer this work to you—with gratitude.