• Founder of the InnerLifeSkills® and Enlightened Apple Tree® brands
  • 3 times Published Author
  • Professional Artist
  • Professional International Speaker
  • PPC ICF Credentialled Professional Life and Business Coach
  • FAMSA Lay counsellor
  • PhD Metaphysics 
  • Lover of open natural spaces and living forests


Study for yourself, or to learn to enlighten your world. 

Choose a course to serve your most important focus. 

Colleen-Joy has delivered over 900 presentations and seminars over 20 years, around the world – South Africa, Singapore, New York, Chicago, London, Colorado to Namibia). 

Here is a list of Colleen-Joy's courses and programs.

Colleen and her expert trainer team, have run courses for public and corporate clients, for over 2 decades. Clients and students range from professional champion athletes to school teachers, from celebrities to seekers, from CEO's to life coaches. 

We are proud to serve people with a passion for empowering and enlightening themselves and others. 


FIND, FREE & BE YOUR APPLE TREE. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Apple Tree Empower & Enneagram 101" 
Learn the language of your Apple Tree - develop your Intuition. Claim your Wholeness.  Learn your Enneagram blueprint. Find and live your Apple Tree Purpose.

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TRAIN YOUR APPLE TREE INTUITION. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Empower Intuition"
Coach yourself and/or others to discover their inner wisdom and inner compass. Learn ILS Life Coaching processes for decision-making and problem-solving.

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CLAIM YOUR APPLE TREE WHOLENESS. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Empower Personal Power"
Coach yourself and/or others to transform inner lack to inner strength and wholeness. Learn life coaching processes for Self-empowerment, confidence, inner strength and personal growth.

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"ILS Empower Relate2Great"
Coach yourself and/or others to build successful relationships. Learn the Enneagram for relationships.

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TRANSFORM FAMILY AND GROUP SYSTEMS. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Empower One Family"
Coach yourself and/or others to hand back systemic/family burdens and to receive the gifts or the system. Learn life coaching processes for families and teams. Learn the Quantum Physics of Oneness and interconnectedness.

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FIND AND LIVE YOUR APPLE TREE PURPOSE. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Empower Purpose"
Coach yourself and/or others to find and live their Apple Tree Purpose. Also, learn life coaching processes for dream interpretation. Get the insider secrets to being an author, for self-publishing, publishing and online writing success.

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BUILD SUCCESSFUL DREAMS. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Empower Dream Builder"
Coach yourself and/or others to build a successful brand, business, and career. Learn the essential ingredients to successful online marketing, website building, and professional speaking. Also, learn financial abundance coaching processes. 

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BECOME A PROFESSIONAL LIFE & BUSINESS COACH. Online Global Internationally accredited 6 or 12 months qualification. 
COURSE NAME:"ILS Master Coach"
ILS Coaches qualify at the highest professional standards. This course combines world-class coaching skills with our unique tools and processes, to equip you to powerfully help people to help themselves, to transform their Inner Obstacles, and find their Inner Wealth. ILS has trained hundreds of people from around the world to be master communicator coaches.

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BECOME AN ILS ENNEAGRAM  COACH. Online Global 3 week course.
"ILS Enneagram Coach"
Coach people to discover their blueprint Enneagram type, accurately and without needing unreliable tests. Learn the popular and life changing Enneagram system, taught the ILS way, that makes it easy to understand and use. 

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BECOME AN ILS LICENSED TRAINER. Online Global 6 month course.
"ILS Master Trainer"
After completing ILS Master Coach, successful coaches with training experience and viable markets can apply to be trained and licensed to offer ILS courses internationally

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FULL ENLIGHTENMENT COURSE. For serious seekers. Online Global 12 month course.
COURSE NAME:"EAT Enlightened Apple Tree - A Course in Natural Enlightenment"
The subject of this course is entirely you. Enlightenment is the natural process that occurs when self-ignorance is replaced by self-knowledge. Study the art and science of enlightenment including Self-Awakening, Self-Enquiry, Self-Knowledge, Self-Realisation, Self-Enlightenment, and Self-Actualisation. Learn to use intuition, meditation, mindfulness and self-enquiry to support the natural enlightenment.

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Teacher speaker


Author Colleen-Joy 


My life as an Apple Tree. Colleen-Joy's inspiring life story. 1st edition published by Red Nolan, 2nd edition by Juta's imprint Double Storey books. Translated into Chinese and Braille. 

Teachings from the Apple Tree. A practical and inspiring "how-to" book, on finding and living your Apple Tree purpose. Published by Juta's imprint Double Storey books. 

Bloodlines and Baggage. A concise easy-to-read powerful book that helps you to heal, transform and be free of family systemic burdens.  Co-authored with Pam Roux, published by ILS. 

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My life as apple tree - book

Teachings from the apple tree book

Bloodlines and Baggage

Colleen-Joy author



Original art and commissions to use as inspiring focus points, to enlighten your life and spaces.  

Colleen creates artwork that is created to be "truly seen and engaged with" not merely looked at. 

CUSTOM COMMISSIONS: Colleen-Joy creates customized commissioned pieces to serve your living an enlightened life. Book an online appointment to meet at Colleen-Joy's studio gallery; to start the process of having your personalized art made for you.

Use these artworks to contribute to your natural ENLIGHTENMENT process. 

BIO MINUTE: Colleen-Joy was commissioned for her first professional portrait piece, at 16 years of age. She has academic distinctions for art in Matric and more recently for a Diploma in painting and drawing from the London Art College. Colleen's art career has included creating art and illustrations for a variety of published books, record album covers (including for the international band Soul II Soul), illustrations for architectural firms and hallmark greeting cards. Her work has been sold to corporate brands including the Pleasure Foods group, Pharmanatura, Weleda and NUK. Notably, her work was selected and sold to SABC 3 national television broadcaster for their millennial 2000 logo, which was on television throughout 1999. She has sold her original art, designs and commissions for over 20 years. 

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Neale Donald Walsch and Colleen-JoyNeale Donald Walsch 
and Colleen-Joy

"You belong on an international stage."
~ Neale Donald Walsch, international best selling author, said this after hearing Colleen speak at a conference on Oneness, at Unisa.

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