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Let Your Inner Student meet your Inner Teacher

My name is Colleen-Joy—I have the joy of being a guide to those called to guide—from life coaches to business leaders, spiritual seekers to teachers, psychologists to facilitators.

We sat cross-legged on the cold school hall floor. I was a shy 9-year-old, trying her best to be invisible. 

Our frustrated Irish music teacher put down his guitar, red-faced and sighed, “There’s 10 minutes of class left, one of ye come up to the stage, ye can sing, dance, say a poem. Who wants to come up then?”

I looked around to see who the brave volunteer would be, when my hand went up on its own.

“Colleen,” He said, hearing my name was a gut punch, “Please come up to the stage.”

Panicked, I walked as slowly as I could. Why did my hand go up! I don’t remember any poems, I can’t sing, I don’t want to dance.

Tight throat and shaking hands I took center stage, too many eyes followed me, too much silence stole the air from my lungs. 

I don’t know what to say? Tears threatened. 

Uncalled for and unexpected, a peaceful presence came over me. Like a warm patch of sunlight on a frozen winter morning, the tension that gripped me melted, with words that flowed.

‘I had a big tumour behind my eye,’ I pointed to the scar along my right eyebrow. ‘I nearly went blind. I died twice in the operation to take it out.’

‘Close your eyes,’ I instructed my class, watching them all listen intensely. 

‘Now imagine if you were blind… imagine you can’t see your friends or your mother…’

I waited, then asked them to open their eyes and continued.

‘It’s okay to be blind. There is better way to see. We can see with our hearts.

‘If you have to trust your eyes or your heart. Trust your heart.’

The bell rang (saved by the bell); I left the stage confused, noticing my teacher and some of the class were wiping tears from their cheeks. 

What just happened? I was listening and speaking.

This experience shaped the direction of my life. Have you noticed that when wisdom speaks, you can feel like you are listening and learning while also speaking?

I’ve spent my life working to solve the mystery of our inner student and inner teacher. I failed often, but I kept pushing the boundaries of intuition, until I found a way to listen deeply enough to find that peaceful inner teacher whenever I needed it.

I call this learning to build a Wisdom Well. Wisdom has the power to turn the dead dry surface into the garden of an enlightened life.

I owe everything to learning to build my Wisdom Well. Which is why I care so much about sharing this with you.

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Colleen-Joy teacher speaker author

After sharing a stage with the best-selling author of the ‘Conversations with God’ series, Neale Donald Walsh, and receiving a standing ovation, Neale said to Colleen, “You belong on an international stage.”

Colleen was privileged to study with Dr Michael Newton, author of “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” and serve on his global board of directors (2005-2008).

Colleen is grateful for the teachings and friendships of Lionel Berman, Dr Pam Roux, Radhakrishna, Glenn Douglas, Mike Boon and Amyn Dahya.


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Let’s build Wisdom Wells together.


Colleen-Joy speaking at an international conference
hosted by Humanity’s Team, on “Oneness through the eyes of the Soul.”

If you don’t find me teaching online, writing or painting

… you’ll find me driving my muddy 4×4 to open wild places.

My heart is never without the redwood forests of San Francisco, poems of Rumi, non-dual dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta, and Van Gogh’s paintings.


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Colleen-Joy Bio Statements

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Short Bio

Colleen-Joy has been called a “Master Coach Maker.” Her clients have included 5 star rated coaches, CEOs, celebrity influencers, award winning authors, champion athletes and multi national corporations.

She is a five star rated speaker and three times published author who guides natural coaches, leaders and guides to become wisdom-led master coaches. 

Her top coaches win six-figure global coaching contracts and become inspiring thought-leaders in their field.

Two television documentary films have been made about her life story. She has taught 35,000+ in 60 countries. Her ICF internationally-accredited InnerLifeSkills Master Coach certification programs receive 5-star ratings from long-standing corporate clients like Deloitte, Heineken, Chartered Wealth and DSV.

When Colleen isn’t writing, teaching or painting, you’ll find her driving her muddy 4×4 to wild open spaces.

List bio

Colleen-Joy guides natural coaches to become wisdom-led master coaches.

Notable experience and expertise include:

  • MCC Master Coach (ICF credentialed)
  • Global Managing Director of InnerLifeSkills and Wisdom Well Way.com
  • Her 5 Star Rated Manager as Coach Training was shortlisted top 5 for the prestigious ICF Prism Award in 2014 and top 10 in 2022
  • Taught over 35,000 people in 60 countries
  • 3 published books
  • 2 Documentary television features were made about her life story (Journey to the Core and Kynet Bloudruk)
  • Frequent expert television, radio and podcast guest
  • Delivered over 4,000 classes

Documentary feature of Colleen-Joy’s life story

Two television documentary features have been made about Colleen-Joy’s life, here are clips from one of them.

“Deeper than the surface mind, deeper than the torture chamber of thoughts wisdom is waiting to guide, heal and reveal us to ourselves.”