When art is alive with the intention, and seeing of the artist, it can open the mind and heart. In this way, artworks can transmit a way of seeing and being that is freedom itself. 

I invite you to engage with my artwork and feel this opening —where the illusionary  walls between subject and object, art and viewer collapse. I paint and draw to offer this enlightening gift to you. Meet me there.    

Words are impossible. When words fail, art can succeed—but only if we are willing to surrender to it. 

ART BIO MINUTE: Colleen-Joy was commissioned for her first professional portrait piece, at 16 years of age. She has academic distinctions for art in matric and more recently for a Diploma in painting and drawing from the London Art College. Colleen's art career has included creating art and illustrations for a variety of published books, record album covers (including for the international band Soul II Soul), illustrations for architectural firms and hallmark greeting cards and corporate brands. Notably, her work was selected and sold to SABC 3 national television broadcaster for their millennial 2000 logo, which appeared on national television throughout 1999. She has sold original art, designs and commissions for over 20 years. Her work now explores and supports the process of enlightenment, freedom from the limiting beliefs of a separate self.

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Colleen-Joy artist

I create artwork to be worked with. 
The style is impressionistic in honour of an intuitive translation of nondual enlightened seeing and being.