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Bloodlines and Baggage by Colleen-Joy Pam Roux

Bloodlines & Baggage
by Dr Pam Roux & Colleen-Joy Page

Hand back the known and unknown burdens and baggage from your family lineage. Each life is the product of its bloodline. This river of life can offer gifts or dysfunctional painful burdens.

This practical and easy-to-read book helps you to use wisdom “healing truths” to free yourself from systemic family burdens.

“Pam and I took 2-years to write this small book. Yes, there was a lot of joyful laughter distracting us, but mostly it’s because we labored to get to the heart of the healing power of this systemic wisdom.” Colleen-Joy


Learning about bloodlines and the impact of our family history on patterns in our life, is one of the most empowering forms of therapy I have come across.

This simple and easy to read books explains Family Constellation and how freeing yourself from family baggage can lighten your journey and the journey of your children and your children’s children.

What a gift to be able to give your future generations.
A very worthwhile read.

Vicki Compere

I read this book shortly after attending a family constellations workshop with Pam Roux, and have attended many successive workshops both in the capacity of constellator and participant.

I have personally witnessed and experienced the truths and profound healings referred to in this powerful, little offering. The saying that dynamite comes in small packages certainly rings true here.

Kate Meyer

My Life as an Apple Tree

A true story about courage, inspiration and the life-changing power of finding the inner intuitive voice of the Apple Tree true self.

The 1st and 2nd edition of this book is out of print. 

My Life as an Apple Tree Book by Colleen-Joy

Teachings from the Apple Tree

Life Purpose is not about “what we are meant to do”, it is about being our true Apple Tree Self. This is an inspiring guide to finding our Apple Tree purpose.

The first edition of this book is out of print. 

Teachings from the Apple Tree by Colleen-Joy