Will you turn your Calling to Guide, Lead, and Inspire into a Master Coach Career?

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Attend a once-a-week Zoom classes with Colleen-Joy and her team, to become far more than a life coach. Choose a 6-month or 12-month certification.
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To make a living, making a difference you need #1 Confidence in your calling, #2 Credible Certification, #3 Custom Coaching tools, and #4 Client Attracting Cash Flow.

Colleen mentors a small group of natural coaches each year to become go-to Master Coaches who win 5-star ratings, 2-year contracts, and steady streams of referrals.

InnerLifeSkills is an ICF LEVEL 2 Accredited Master Coach School
ACTP master coach certification
ACC PCC MCC certification path
ICF CCE hours

Get ACC or PCC Level Accredited Coach Certification

61 HOUR ACSTH Global coach certification
60 hours (all you need for  Associate ACC credentialing)
“Offer professional coaching with global credible certification.”

BEST FOR: Natural coaches ready to offer professional life coaching, executive, leadership or team coaching OR professionals who want to add global coaching skills to their work. 

  • Learn 20+ powerful multi-niche processes (to use for teams and individuals).
  • Get expert, helpful feedback from practical coaching sessions to quickly master your skills.
  • Gain ACC hours + PCC professional-level competencies to coach anyone, anywhere, on any goal.
  • Receive ICF accredited certification 60 hours (includes the 10 mentor hours and observed coaching sessions required by the ICF). 

CHOOSE: This certification repeats 3 times a year.
Attend 3-hour Zoom small-group classes with your expert instructor.  

Master coach certification ACTP 127 hours
150 hours (all you need for Professional PCC credentialing)
“Everything you need to be a GO-TO multi-niche Master Coach.”

BEST FOR: Serious-about-your-career coaches, consultants, and professionals who don’t want to be limited to one niche, want to achieve mastery and offer a blend of professional life coaching, leadership, and executive coaching.

  • Learn 60+ powerful multi-niche processes (far beyond to-do-list coaching).
  • Get the BIG 4 most in-demand specialty certifications Life Coach + Enneagram Coach + Executive Coach + Business Coach.
  • Gain PCC master-level competencies to coach anyone, anywhere.
  • Receive ICF accredited Level 2 ACTP certification (includes the 10 mentor hours and observed coaching sessions required by the ICF).

CHOOSE: This certification repeats 3 times a year 
Attend 3-hour Zoom small-group classes with your expert instructor.

Master coach certification ACTP 207 hours
“Everything you need to mentor and teach InnerLifeSkills courses and join Colleen-Joy’s faculty team.”

BEST FOR: Coaches who love to teach and mentor who are serious about making a difference and want to enjoy our wisdom-led community.

  • Exclusive opportunity for serious and experienced trainers.
  • By Application or invitation only.

The BIG 4 Short Certifications [6 Weeks]

Enneagram coach certification - offer typing sessions
“Offer professional typing sessions and growth paths without tests.”

BEST FOR: Enneagram Enthusiasts, leaders, coaches and professionals who want to add the power of the Enneagram to their work. 

  • Learn our trademarked 8-Step Enneagram narrative Typing Method (only from InnerLifeSkills).
  • Offer the InnerLifeSkills Enneagram Kite process to guide others to grow.
  • Receive ICF accredited certification 30 hours CCE + ACSTH.
Intuition Coach certification 11 CCE
“Guide others to find inner wisdom, build strong relationships, find purpose and give back family baggage using powerful InnerLifeSkills coaching methods.”

BEST FOR: Coaches, leaders, facilitators and counsellors who want to add this unique powerful toolbox to their work and advance their coaching skills to master levels.

Offer life-changing life coaching, with 6 unique toolboxes: Intuition, Personal Power, Relationships, Family Systemic, Purpose and Dream Builder coaching.

  • Learn 6 Unique Life coaching toolboxes (only from InnerLifeSkills).
  • Take your coaching to a new depth, facilitating ahabreakthrough insight.
  • Receive ICF accredited certification 30 hours CCE + ACSTH.
Dream Builder coach certification 11 CCE
“Coach teams and individuals to build their dreams and brands.”

BEST FOR: Life Coaches, business coaches, consultants and business owners with a passion for corporate and executive coaching. 

  • Learn unique step-by-step coaching methods (only from InnerLifeSkills).
  • Everything you need to coach executives and teams in 6 weeks with depth and real results.
  • Receive ICF accredited certification 30 hours CCE + ACSTH.
ABB Start and Scale your coaching business
“Coach small and medium businesses to Start & Scale successful natural conscious business growth.”

BEST FOR: Coaches from all niches, consultants, service professionals and trainers who love empowering others to turn their dreams into successful natural businesses, in an authentic wisdom-led way. 

  • Use 7 unique frameworks to develop products and grow businesses naturally (proven systems).
  • Receive ready to coach worksheets – no need to be a business pro.
  • Receive ICF accredited certification 30 hours CCE + ACSTH.