Assessments & Certifications with Colleen-Joy

The Road to Mastery

It’s natural to feel anxious about assessments, even to avoid them entirely.

But if we can step up to the challenge, passing an assessment gives us confidence, and certification does provide us with door-opening credibility.

As an ICF Master Certified Coach, I lead a team of master coaches and assessors. We mentor natural coaches, leaders, and professionals to reach internationally benchmarked standards of professional coaching competencies.

Our goal is to help you prepare for and pass the International Coaching Federation’s ACC, PCC, and MCC performance evaluations.

We do this by not only helping you understand the competencies, which can be confusing but also by hardwiring the skills needed to demonstrate the ICF competencies.

So, whether you are a professional coach offering life coaching, business coaching, wellness coaching, executive coaching, or any other style of coaching, or whether you’re a leader or manager wanting to add professional coaching skills to your CV to boost your career, we can assist you on your certification and credentialing path.

Every graduate of my InnerLifeSkills Master Coach certification program that has applied to the ICF for an ACC, PCC, or MCC credential has been awarded their credential on their first try.

They have successfully passed the Knowledge Assessment and performance evaluation, and their ACTP certification from InnerLifeSkills gives them the quickest, most affordable, and direct path to ICF credentialing. InnerLifeSkills has been ICF accredited at the ACTP level since 2012.

Passing an Assessment boosts your Confidence & Client Credibility 

We produce high-caliber professional and master coaches, and our Manager as Coach training initiatives have been shortlisted in the top five and top ten for the prestigious ICF International Prism Awards.

So, whether you’re new to the certification path or seeking additional ICF-accredited training hours or CCE hours to renew your ACC, PCC or MCC credential or apply for your first credential, my team and I are here to help, book a call.


InnerLifeSkills is an ICF LEVEL 2 Accredited Master Coach School
ACTP master coach certification
ACSTH certification
ICF CCE hours
ACC PCC MCC certification path