We don’t need to Sell our Souls to make a sale.
Or feel torn between Purpose & Profit.

I mentor coaches, guides and leaders to grow abundant business naturally with wisdom.

Accounting and Tax Services, the billboard shouted in bold. “There should be a law against neighbors putting billboards on their front yards,” I moaned. Every time I drove home, I was assaulted by the red and black fonts with a giant “Call Now” telephone number.

This is my confession.

My neighbor’s billboard was salt in the wound because my small coaching, consulting, and training business barely covered the cost of my young family’s groceries.

So I sat with pen and paper to coach myself and tune into inner wisdom, seeking guidance and clarity.

I wrote down, “What must I do to improve my business? To find more clients?” And like sending a bucket deeper than the surface mind, I started translating the subtle whisper of knowing using methods that I had refined over a lifetime of meditation.

“I’m following my purpose to build a business aligned with an authentic expression of my soul, so why am I not getting enough work?” I wondered.

Instead of reassurance from my inner wisdom, I saw my own arrogance.

Because I was following my calling, I believed I was immune to needing to roll up my sleeves and market my services.

Of course, I argued with my wisdom. “I don’t want to be that cheesy infomercial salesperson who manipulates people, who sells their soul to make a sale.”

Wisdom replied, “You never need to be that. There is a conscious way to build business, a way that honors dharma, the natural laws of life.”

“So, what kind of marketing is conscious?” I asked.

A reply formed in my mind and heart. It was simply, “Be like a flower.”

“Be like a flower. I don’t understand.”

Clarity arose. A flower doesn’t hide itself. It simply opens its petals, is visible, and says to the world, “I am this.”

Holding ourselves back, hiding, and making ourselves smaller-than is just as egotistical as making ourselves appear bigger than.

Wisdom showed me that instead of positioning as plus (bigger than) or minus (smaller than), there was a third option—to be equal-to, to be natural and authentic, to be visible and say, “I am this,” then to serve at the highest.

Quote on soul work by colleen-joy

What’s keeping you from keeping yourself out there?

And so began my journey of learning to build a conscious business, starting with shifting out of plus and minus to being equal-to, being visible, and putting myself out there. Two decades later, I still check in with wisdom regularly because the plus and minus ego response still sneaks in to interrupt the natural flow of running a conscious business.

Torn between Your Purpose & Paycheck?

Today, I run InnerLifeSkills—an international training company, consultancy, and master coach school. And what I love the most about my work is showing people that there is a way to build a conscious business, to guide, coach, and lead with wisdom.

Today, I work with CEOs, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders to bring wisdom to work.

You don’t need to sell your soul to make a sale. 

Building a conscious business can be like creating an organic, sustainable food farm. If we feed our businesses, they can feed us.

We are the custodians of our ideas, skills, and purpose.

The world needs conscious, wisdom-led businesses. I can show you how to access wisdom, free your purpose, and harvest natural abundance.