A Wisdom Well Meditation Journal focused on understanding how to inspire others.


Dear Wisdom

MIND: “How do I inspire others – to make the changes they seek, to free themselves from stress and suffering?”

WISDOM: “First, dissolve the barrier between ‘you’ and ‘others.’ When you see them as ‘others,’ you fail to connect. Tune in deeper than the surface of their personalities and minds, to their essence.

“The water in your Wisdom Well recognizes the water in their Wisdom Well. That’s how you inspire. Meet them where you share the same clear seeing.”

MIND: “So instead of thinking of inspiring others, which reinforces the barrier between us, I tune in to sense where we are the same. But what about people who think in a very different way to me?”

WISDOM: “Like many wells that appear different, all draw on the same water, find the shared self, pure open non-dual (not two) awareness. This is shared seeing and being. Speak for that and from that.”

MIND: “That’s how to inspire others?”

WISDOM: “That’s how inspiration naturally arises. How all apparently different wells draw on the same water of seeing and being.”


How to inspire others - wisdom for life coaches

When we feel inspired, it’s natural to want to share this inspiration. Many are called to the path of master life coaching because of this inspiration.

If you’re a natural life coach, if your purpose is to guide, you’ll seek ways to improve your ability to inspire others. You will likely ask mentors how to inspire others?

Yes, it helps to learn master life coaching techniques, where we learn to build trust and rapport. But I’ve found the guidance that I received in this Wisdom Well meditation years ago to be the most valuable.

This meditation brought me a mindset change.

Instead of feeling superior-plus or inferior-minus towards those I want to inspire, I needed to remove the barrier between them and me, to become equal-to.

When I teach a class, speak or write to inspire, I let water recognize water. I open to the true self be in service to the self.

In practical terms, this also means putting myself in the shoes of those I serve. Instead of feeling different to them, I seek to tune in intuitively to understand, as best I can, what they are experiencing, specifically where the struggle, suffering and stress is.

This helps me to inspire in a natural equal-to way.

I try to catch my arrogance if I forget and return to equal-to.

It’s tough to face our arrogance. But it’s an important step when honouring our purpose to serve as life coaches, enneagram coaches, business and executive coaches – as guides on earth.

From the moment we feel separate from those we serve when they become ‘others,’ we invite arrogance.

I don’t get this right all of the time, but when I Build my Wisdom Well in meditation, opening to clear seeing and being, inspiration happens naturally without trying. I know how to inspire others, but not seeing them as others,


In summary, the wisdom of how to inspire others:

  • Drop the mindset of trying to inspire others as if you are separate from them
  • Instead, use your intuition to tune in intuitively to their experience to understand some of their stress and suffering. At the very least, this brings us compassion.
  • Set your intention to connect intuitively to those you life coach, lead and guide.
  • Imagine connecting deeper than their personalities and egos for their soul essence. Even if you don’t fully understand what this means yet, the intention can help set this up. How you know you’re connected is from a feeling of peace with the dissolving of the sense of separation.
  • Set your intention to step out of any more-than plus or less-than minus position, to hold an equal-to bridge to those you inspire.
  • Add master coaching methods to improve your competencies and skills.


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