Here are 10 Life Coach Success qualities to be an abundant, life-changing life coach.

Do you have what it takes to be a life coach?

My team and I have over 25 years of experience training Master Life Coaches, and we’ve determined ten qualities needed for Life Coach success… Do you have what it takes? 

Here is what we’ve learned about the characteristics of our most successful master coaches.

Read through the 10 qualities like a checklist.
And if you’d like to, why not give yourself a score at the end.

  • 8 – 10 is a good indicator of Life Coach success because you have what it takes.
  • 6 – 7 means there may be some more work to do, but it’s a good sign.
  • 1 – 5 means the path to Life Coach success is probably filled with many challenges.

My amazing team and I are here to support your journey to becoming a successful conscious and abundant Life Coach – chat to us anytime.

#1 The desire to make a difference.

You really do need to have a desire to make a difference in some way.
This is critical to Life Coach success.

The path from natural coach to master life coaching skills is not easy. Our desire to make a difference is an important source of inspiration. And I feel it needs to be authentic.

The desire to make a difference can be small, like a whisper or a strong intuitive feeling.

Do you have a desire to make some kind of difference, do do meaningful work as a Life Coach?
Tick this one off if you do.


#2 The integrity to want professional coaching certification.

It goes without saying that integrity is a factor. Our top Master Life Coaches all have ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification.

There are many places to get cheap or free life coaching certifications from certificate mills.

But if you want to start life coaching with confidence, credibility and a professional certification because your integrity is important to you, then you can tick off this quality.

#3 A desire to learn.

Every successful Master coach I know loves learning. They were prepared to learn master coaching skills.

If you don’t enjoy learning and you don’t want to grow, then this is probably not for you. If you want to grow, if you want to master your skills and develop as a coach, you can tick this quality off.

#4 The willingness to upgrade your listening habits.

Do you have a willingness to upgrade your listening habits?

Notice I’m not asking you whether you are a good listener because I’ve seen that anyone with commitment to this path can learn how to be a master coach level listener, but it requires a willingness.

With willingness you can learn anything if you’re taught by an expert.

So all I want to know is whether you have a willingness, willingness is key to Life Coach success. For example, there’s a lot of reflective listening techniques out there that are old and outdated and there are newer, more natural, authentic techniques. And if I showed you how to do that, would you be interested?

Would you be willing to learn?

If you are willing to learn how to listen in a really beautiful way, with your intuition and master coaching skills then tick a “yes”.

#5 Being willing to upgrade your speaking habits.

This is another area of willingness. Are you willing to upgrade your speaking habits?
Not change your personality.

If I show you a better way, if I give you natural, beautiful techniques that yes, in the beginning feel a bit awkward. But once you get used to them, they improve your ability to speak, to build trust, to connect in a natural authentic way.

So if you are willing to change some speaking habits, give this a “yes.”


#6 Determination to earn the privilege of changing lives.

Number 6, you need determination.

There needs to be some determination to earn the privilege of changing lives, including your own. If you’re not determined, if you’re not sincerely interested in doing this, then you’re going to feel a bit frustrated because you do need to put in effort.

So are you determined?

Do you have that gut “Yes.” That heart, “yes.

That says, I’m willing to earn the privilege. If so, you can tick this one off.

Changing lives - life coach success

#7 Value Freedom!

Consistently, all of my top master coaches value freedom.

  • They want freedom to determine when they work – time freedom.
  • They want the freedom to have a career that feels purposeful.
  • They also want to be free to work anywhere, or remotely for anyone worldwide.

So valuing freedom is a quality I see in successful Master Life Coaches. And this does not mean that they’re shirking their responsibilities. 

Absolutely not.

Many of our Master Coaches are amazing parents, single dads, single moms and have massive responsibilities to care for.

But they wanted their freedom.

To spend more time the way they chose, to have purposeful work, instead of working only for a paycheck. So if you value freedom in this way, you can say “yes” to this one.

#8 Roll up your sleeves and be willing to work!

Now it’s time for some reality.

Life Coach success and building a lasting, purposeful practice (emphasis on lasting, not overnight) means you need to be willing to put in the hard work.

We’re either going to work for something we don’t love or something we do. I chose at a young age to work for something that aligned with my purpose.

If you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and put in the work needed to build something lasting and meaningful, then you can say “yes” to this one.

#9 Lose your vision about fears & ego

This is about putting our fears and ego beneath our vision and our service.

Are we willing to find the courage to make our vision and our wanting to be of service more important than our fears and certainly our ego?

You know, just being willing to do! This is a very, very strong indicator that you will do what needs to be done in order to get your coaching practice out there in the world.

So if you are willing and you can find the courage to be of service, above your fears and ego; you can tick that one off too towards your Life Coach success.

#10 Being willing to be of true service!

And finally, this career path asks us to be willing to be of true service.

This is not a taking attitude.

If you’re willing to learn to be of true service, then give number ten a check.

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