Believing that our life purpose is something we are meant to do is an innocent act of cruelty.

Thoughts like, “What must I do?” And “have I done enough?” And “what must I do with my life so that my life has meaning and purpose?”

These thoughts are all innocent, I’ve asked them many times in my life, usually when I’m on my knees struggling to make decisions and suffering.

What my apple tree taught me, is that these questions can only arise when we believe in a false self. I know this might sound strange and even confusing, but if you work through the apple tree purpose teachings that I have to share with you, you might also discover, as I did, that purpose belongs to who we are.

This is not to say that we have nothing to do, you’ll see, that when we know that we are, what we do automatically expresses itself from the true self.

Just like an apple tree automatically and joyfully makes apple leaves, bark and occasionally apples— life flows automatically and joyfully from self-realization.

It is only the mind, when it is ignorance of the true self, that holds back this flow, and holds back purposeful living.

The barriers to living a purposeful life, that is an expression of our true self include the following:

  • Being in conflict with your natural design — not understanding how your Enneagram and basic personality works, causing inner conflict.
  • Being asleep to your natural design — not knowing your nature and how it expresses itself naturally in life.
  • Believing the mind — especially thoughts that cause the contracted heavy feeling in the body, these are intuitive clues that you are going against the natural flow of your apple tree purpose.

Have you ever noticed a day when you just know what to say, when action arises naturally? We sometimes even call this being in the flow, or in the zone.

Life flows naturally when it is not restricted. Your purpose flows naturally when it is not restricted. It is the belief in the false self that restricts life’s natural flow.

May these teachings and dialogues inspire you to know your self, your true self, and to live your apple tree purpose.

I have recently updated my Apple Tree Fable with illustrations. You’re most welcome to download a free copy of this PDF ebook here.
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