Turn your Calling into a Career.

No I can’t teach you

Colleen, won’t you teach my friend and me?” she begged on the phone.

“You do know I’m only 17,” I argued.

“I’m still at school and rarely know how to teach, Colleen. We really want you to teach us, so please, maybe in your school holidays.”

Reluctantly, I agreed to teach my first two students. They had met me at a social event in my hometown, where we spoke about intuition, and I showed them some ways that were helping me to clarify the difference between ego and intuition. They were so impressed that they tracked me down and insisted that I teach them. So, that school holiday, I taught my first two students.

On the day of their first class, I felt so anxious I couldn’t eat. I sat at my little desk with two empty chairs ready at the end of the converted garage that was my bedroom. It was a makeshift room designed to hide my bed and keep some of my personal life separate from the little office area. Posters of the solar system and the pop music band A-ha were a harsh reminder that I was really too young to do this, but they insisted on paying me something.

So, I insisted they only pay me after our first class if they got anything from it. I totally overcompensated, creating notes, buying them diaries, and populating the diary with handwritten teachings and notes.

But when they finally arrived and sat at my little desk, we began, and something inside me rose to the occasion, and the teachings flowed. Despite my fear, self-doubt, and age, I apparently offered them enough value for them to comfortably pay me and return the next week for their second class.

I’ve been teaching, coaching, and consulting ever since. By my late twenties, I ran an academy training between 60 and 120 students a week in the evenings and one morning a week, as well as filling my diary with one-on-one consultations.

In the last 15 years, I focused on guiding guides. I’ve had the privilege of working with spiritual leaders, CEOs, managers, professional life coaches, Enneagram practitioners, and healers from around the world. I am a master coach maker. I help those who are inspired to inspire turn their calling into a professional and abundant career. 

Colleen-Joy teacher speaker author

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the leading teachers and authors across various fields, from Dr. Michael Newton in my late twenties and early thirties, from whom I learned spiritual regression work, to Dr. Pam Roux, from whom I learned family constellations and Enneagram coaching. I combine the best of deep inner wisdom with practical, globally benchmarked master coaching competencies from the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

My team and I offer a full path service, helping you develop the confidence to step into your purposeful role as a guide, coach, and leader. We equip you with international certification to open doors, allowing you to work anywhere in the world. We provide you with a coaching toolbox that is unique and can help you custom build coaching programs that clients love. We can even assist you in building a conscious coaching business, attracting clients and creating abundant cash flow.

The world needs wisdom-led coaches, guides, and leaders.

  • I don’t want you to struggle with a lack of confidence in your purposeful role or to struggle when your clients are struggling because you don’t have the right competencies and a big enough toolbox.
  • I don’t want you to have niche nightmares, thinking that you’re meant to pick a niche and then setting yourself up for failure instead of being flexible and free.
  • I don’t want you to feel torn between your purpose and a paycheck while you struggle to turn your calling into a lucrative, abundant career.

If you want to coach, lead, and guide with wisdom, fulfilling your purpose by being all you were born to be and harvesting natural abundance so that you can make a living making a difference, get in touch. We are here to help.

Your inner teacher is the same as mind - Colleen-Joy