Free Masterclass Classes

Join Colleen’s Free Live Online Masterclasses, a caring community of past, present and future students.

Master Coach Mondays

Master Coach Tool + Expert Guidance on coaching career guidance from marketing to ICF Credentials. Apply to join these Valuable Free 2-hour Zoom Mentor Sessions.

Wisdom Well Wednesdays

Wisdom Well Healing Experience + Expert Guidance on personal and spiritual growth. Apply to join these meaningful Free 2-hour Zoom Mentor Sessions.

“Colleen’s masterclasses are like having a strong, experienced hand to boost you over the rocks on your path to the mountain summit.”

Sometimes all it takes is to get the right answer at the right time to help you overcome your inner and outer obstacles.

Enjoy Colleen-Joy’s vault of masterclass recordings, where past, present and future students gather around our Zoom virtual campfire to learn and share.

At each masterclass, Colleen-Joy focuses on a topic for the month, like:

  • Family Systemic Healing
  • Life Purpose
  • Dream Building
  • Intuition 
  • Personal Power
  • Relationships 

Experience master coaching tools, wisdom meditations and the growth power of the enneagram connected to each topic.

The masterclass classes are also a wonderful ama “ask me anything” space to bring your questions and obstacles to receive supportive guidance from Colleen and the group.

You’ll be with wonderful like-minded company.

Our global community includes new and highly successful experienced coaches, facilitators, healers, authors, therapists, consultants, leaders and change agents. We attract high-caliber professionals passionate about meaningful personal and spiritual growth.

A slice of the cake.

As Colleen says, “The master classes are like a slice of cake for new students to enjoy before deciding to enroll in our certification programs and for existing students and partners to strengthen their InnerLifeSkills toolbox and knowledge.”


How to get the most from Colleen’s Masterclasses

Students have joined us while walking the snowy landscapes of Finland, on ski slopes in Switzerland, camping in the Canadian woodlands and on a train motoring through the hills of Tuscany. All are welcome.

We encourage you to keep your video on for maximum engagement, but at least half the students leave their videos off because they join the class from work or while traveling. The Zoom chat area is a wonderful place to post questions, share your pearls of wisdom, comments and how you’re relating to the teachings.

Ask questions and get expert answers.

When you apply to join the masterclass, you’ll have an opportunity to submit questions. Colleen reads and collates all the questions before the master class and does her best to answer as many as possible.

Coaches and professional service practitioners are encouraged to share their social media and website links because networking amongst our community is encouraged and natural. It’s lovely getting to know everyone.