Wisdom Well Way Meditation insights on the topic of Meditation in the Morning.

Want to meditate in the morning without feeling pressure, adding another task to your life?

Here are my meditation journal insights that helped me feel inspired to tune in each morning to Wisdom. I don’t force this every day; I follow a natural call to meditate naturally. 

Dear Wisdom,

MIND: “How do I meditate in the morning to start my day well?

“I don’t want to waste time, and when I have a really busy day, it seems that meditation is a luxury rather than a necessity. I want to know how to meditate in the morning when I have so much to do. What is the deeper truth about meditation in the morning?”

WISDOM: “The ocean doesn’t only have high tides; a low tide precedes each high tide. The water withdraws from the beach so that there is natural force and strength when high tide happens. When you breathe in deeply, you can breathe out strongly.

You think that meditation will make you less productive, wasting time. But if your morning meditation is an in-breath, a low tide where you draw attention inwards, naturally your out-breath, the high tide of your day’s work will increase in strength and power.

If your meditation in the morning is about seeking Wisdom on decisions, a to-do list or healing an inner obstacle – even 20 minutes of meditation can lead to a stronger, more inspired outflow of work in the day.

Meditate mindfully to create low tides of rest

Create a low tide of meditation so that your high tide of creative productivity is strong

MIND: “I like the idea of meditation in the morning, creating an intentional low tide so that the high tide of my productivity is more focused and natural.

“How can I make my meditation in the morning a true low tide in-breath instead of more out-breath effort? I don’t want my meditation to feel like another task on my to-do list, where it depletes me instead of nourishes me.”

WISDOM: “The type of meditation that is more of an in-breath, a low tide that restores and helps replenish focus and energy, has one key ingredient, attention is called inwards – homebound.

“In the day, your attention is on the objects of awareness: your computer screen, people, your students, emails, phone calls and your to-do list. When you meditate in the morning in this way, call your attention inwards, in a restful way.

“More peace in the body, openness and simple clarity will indicate that you have moved your morning meditation to a helpful low tide expression.

“Build your Wisdom Well around any topic that you’re facing. Enjoy this nourishing, inspiring way to start each day.”

Meditate in the morning for joy and self love


If you would like to meditate in the morning in a way that brings clarity, inspiration and strengthened productivity to your day, I invite you to learn my Wisdom Well Way meditation method.

I don’t get around to meditating every morning because I don’t enjoy a forced, mechanical disciplined approach to meditation. Instead, I weave Wisdom Well meditation into every part of my day, especially when I feel stuck stressed.

Some days, I meditate just for the love of resting as true seeing and true being.

When I meditate in the morning to find clarity and inspiration, it’s incredible how the day flows, as if I’ve started with a low tide that naturally turns into a high tide of creativity and effective work.

Here are a few tips that I’ve gathered over decades of learning how to meditate in the morning:

  • Instead of making decisions or finding clarity at your desk, why not step away from your workspace, sit preferably outside if possible, and do a Wisdom Well meditation.
  • Journal a few bullet points, setting your intention for your morning meditation
  • Use the Wisdom Well Way method to tune in to clear seeing and intuitive inner guidance for the items on your list.
  • Don’t be passive in the process; try a different one if the question doesn’t work. Questions are like the buckets we send into our Wisdom Well. Some don’t work well, so experiment.
  • Dialogue with your wisdom so that you find satisfying understanding, resolving and dissolving any obstacles.
  • Take the wisdom you’ve found to your workspace, and notice the massive increase in flow and productivity.