Here is my meditation journal on the topic of creating an Abundant Life


Dear Wisdom,

“I’ve realized I have limiting beliefs around money inherited from my family blocking my relationship with money. How can I open to a more abundant life? I’m tired of working hard but struggling financially.”

“Money is rain for your Apple Tree true, purposeful self. Money like rain cannot change who you are, but it can make the difference between a thriving or struggling Apple Tree.

“Find the truth about money, take back your projections. Money is nothing more and nothing less than rain for your Apple Tree. You can become a rainmaker. You can learn to call the rain. This is how you claim an abundant life.”

“That makes sense, but I still feel so much resistance, even the word money, makes an uncomfortable contracted feeling in my gut, which I know means there is an issue.

I guess I believe wanting money is not spiritual, and I don’t want to be greedy.”

“You are like an Apple Tree saying to the rain clouds, ‘Don’t rain on me, I’m spiritual.’

“Everything in nature gives and receives guided by the divine intelligence of life. Your fear of being greedy comes from love and integrity but rejecting the rain doesn’t serve. Call money ‘rain’ and heal how you see cash flow and income.”

“Money is rain. Money is rain.” I repeated.

“I can work with this. I can think of money as rain – charging rain, earning rain, paying with rain. That feels right, true. I can call the rain, call an abundant life.”

“Let rain serve your wisdom-led purpose.”


Is wanting money spiritual


This Wisdom Well Meditation on how to live an abundant life reflects where I was 20 years ago when I was tired of struggling financially. After this insight, I started calling money ‘rain.’ Slowly teaching my body-mind to create an abundant life.

How open are you to an abundant life?

Do you reject the rain because of limiting beliefs that don’t reflect the clear-seeing of wisdom?

What if your Apple Tree true, purposeful self could learn to call the rain of abundance. So that giving to the world as work is balanced with receiving abundantly.

After this Wisdom Well Meditation, I learned to heal my blocks to living an abundant life. Calling the rain. Respecting the rain.

Oprah Winfrey said, “Money magnifies what’s already there.”

If you’re greedy and don’t lead a life of integrity, then money can magnify that greed. But if you’re honouring your Apple Tree purposeful life, serving as best you can, money can magnify that. Money can grow your Apple Tree – but it needs rain to do that.

Over the decades, I’ve meditated with the Wisdom Well method to heal other inner blocks around living an abundant life.

Every year I support my body-mind to feel equal-to increasing complexity and the responsibility of living an abundant life.

I cannot believe how radically different life is now compared to then. But still, my Apple Tree remains in service, expressing my purpose as best I can.

What could your Apple Tree do with more rain? With an Abundant life.

Why not start thinking of money as rain for your Apple Tree, and call the rain to live a more abundant life?

Starting today.