How can you tell intuition apart from ego?

How can you tell the difference between true inner guidance and the ego’s voice, or even plain wishful thinking? Use this guide to discern “Intuition vs Ego.”

So many of my Master Coach and Wisdom Well students ask me about this; it seems that when we need our intuitive inner guidance the most, it can seem the hardest to find.


Because fear inter-fears with our ability to tune in to intuitive wisdom.

So what is the solution to distinguishing intuition vs ego?

Use somatic body awareness (noticing a felt sense in the body) to tell the ego’s voice apart from the inner voice of your intuition.

Lie detectors rely on using stress indicators, like increased blood pressure, breathing and sweating palms to pick up a lie. Psychopaths don’t feel stress or remorse when they are untruthful, but for the rest of us the truth is relaxing, and distorted truth is felt as stress in the body.

True inner guidance has a different effect on the body-mind.
The false causes some degree of the feeling of CONTRACTION.
Truth OPENS the body-mind.

Focus on your thoughts. Notice how your body responds. Thoughts that cause contraction are not indicators of truth or falsehood but only fear. Intuitively, fear is not an indicator of “yes” or “no”; it’s inter-fearing. 

Only when we can see past fear can we see clearly. 


Fear inter-fears with intuition

Thoughts arise from anything that you are tuned in to.

Most don’t realise thoughts streams change depending on what you’re focused on. Attention determines what you are tuned into intuitively. 

If you are not conscious of this, you’ll be tuned in without conscious choice.

The most demanding feelings and needs of the body mind will determine what you’re tuned in to.

These are usually survival demands.

Just as the loudest noise in the room demands attention because of our survival instincts, most people live tuned in to the most demanding loudest aspects of their personalities, minds and ego.

Would you like to live tuned in to Fear Ego FM or Wisdom FM?

What you’re tuned into determines your experience of life. But you can CHANGE what you are tuned into!

If you’re tuned into ego, your body-mind experiences contracting closing feelings, a physical sense of resistance, lack or fear. Relating to the three centres of intelligence in the body, which also correspond to the Enneagram 3 Personality Pearls. Resistance-anger relates to type 8, 9 and 1 Enneagram, Lack-shame relates to 2, 3 and 4, and Separating-fear relates to 5, 6 and 7. 

If you’re tuned in deeper than the surface to wisdom, thoughts will stream from wisdom. If you’re tuned in to the surface ego, to the false self, thoughts will stream from the false self.

When seeking inner guidance, you can see why it’s so important to be conscious about what you’re tuned into, to tell apart intuition vs ego.

Fear inter-fears!

Would you rather follow fear or thoughts from peaceful wisdom?

Intuition vs ego, wisdom vs fear—the choice is always available, but very few take this offer.

To tell the difference between thoughts that arise from the false self or ego, vs. thoughts from true inner guidance look for the response in the body.

  • When you focus on a thought that is not aligned to deeper wisdom and truth, instead ego spun confusion, ignorance or thoughts streams from the false self, causing a felt sense of closing, contraction or heaviness.
  • When you focus on a thought that is true, that arises from wisdom, clarity, truth or the knowing of the true self; the body experiences an opening, freeing; some describe this as lightness.

To notice these subtle or obvious changes in the body mind you need to move attention to the body.

The body is a very helpful intuitive instrument, it belongs to the natural world and therefore is wired to the natural rhythms of life.

Let the body assist you in learning to tune in to intuitive wisdom.


Intuitive empath quote on intuition

“How do I use my intuition to find out what to do – to know what’s the right thing to do? Intuition vs Ego, it isn’t easy to know them apart. How can I tell if my Ego or wishful thinking is telling me what to do?”


“When a river spring bubbles up from the top of a mountain, it doesn’t stop to wonder, ‘Which way is the right way?’

“It flows. The strength of the flow allows it to overcome any obstacle.

“You have a natural flow, an intuitively directed movement if free flows moment by moment.

“When your body-mind is in flow, you know what to say and do without inner conflict, without trying, pushing or pulling.

“There is an openness that meets life in an intuitive, spontaneous way.

 “Ego, which is just a thought, a belief in a false self that is separate, resisting and lacking, has the power to stop your natural intuitive flow in life.

Ignorance of wisdom, of true seeing and true being stops your natural intuitive flow.

  • The true non-dual self doesn’t ask, “What is the right way?”
  • Only the false ego self produces these thoughts.
  • Only the false ego-self is afraid of a ‘wrong way‘ and what it means by wrong is the fear of emotional or physical pain. The mind is looking for a pain-free path.

“The river doesn’t look down the mountain for an obstacle-free path because there’s no such thing. In life, there’s no such thing as a pain-free life path. The river faces its obstacles and relies on the strength of truth and wisdom to go around the obstacles or meet them with dignity.

“In life, when ego thoughts hold back your flow, it’s hard to overcome obstacles. The ignorant fear-based Ego directed mind turns the strong river into a trickle.

MIND: “What increases my flow in life to meet my obstacles?”

WISDOM: “Tuning in the wisdom of true seeing and true being.

“Truth opens. And in the gift of openness, life can flow intuitively.


When you tune in to truth you can meet life’s obstacles with grace, wisdom and peace.

Tuning in to deeper truth and wisdom