Are you an Intuitive Empath who gets overwhelmed?

As an intuitive empath your emotional bandwidth is wide. It can feel like tuning in intuitively to many radio stations at once, and feel overwhelming.

Not only does an Intuitive Empath feel other’s feelings, we’re also tuning into life. So we tend to feel the suffering of others.

Think of everything in life as a song.

People, animals, objects (both natural and man-made) are all intuitive songs-of-life.

As an Intuitive Empath, you easily tune in to these songs-of-life; playing them in your body.

That’s why empaths can feel overwhelmed.

Here are five mindfulness exercises you can use as an Intuitive Empath, if you ever feel overwhelmed. These are also great tips generally for supporting yourself as an empath.


Five mindfulness exercises you can use as an Intuitive Empath to develop your intuition and avoid overwhelm.

  1. Paying attention to attention.
  2. Tune into “Just Me.”
  3. Tune into “Deeper Truth”
  4. Tune into “The Earth Beneath your feet.”
  5. Tune into “The True Self”

Whether you’re in a family or work environment, or if you’re feeling the pressures of world suffering, here are five tips that you can experiment with to find peace in the storm.

intuitive empath quote on intuition

#1 Paying attention to attention.

The first thing I suggest is to ask yourself, “Where is my attention?


Because attention is the key to developing your intuition so that you’re not overwhelmed as an Intuitive Empath.

Attention is not a sense.

It’s not about where you’re looking or listening. It’s where you’re tuning in intuitively. If you want to develop your intuition, this is a key insight.

How do you change where attention is? With intention. A silent decision you make.

  • Notice you can put attention on your foot then sense your foot.
  • You can put attention on your chest and feel the way your chest feels.
  • You can set an intention to tune in to a person. Think of someone and your nervous system starts to feel what they’re feeling, whether you’re conscious of this or not.
Tune in to wisdom as an intuitive empath

If we’re unconscious about this, attention will move to the loudest, most frightening, habitual or most demanding object of awareness.

Attention can also be directed by waves of collective programming, which means we won’t even know that we’re intuitively tuning in.

Experience is shaped by what we’re tuned into.

  • Tune into sadness, and your body plays songs of sadness.
  • Tune into wisdom, and your body plays songs of wisdom.

Why not make this conscious. Mindfully work with your attention as an easy mindfulness exercise.

So notice, pay attention to attention.

That’s why I recommend you ask the question: “Where’s my attention?”

Slow down mindfully for a moment to notice where your attention is.

This way, you can mindfully cultivate the intuitive skill of noticing what you’re tuning into and then consciously learn to move attention to change what you’re tuned into.

This mindfully changes your experience of life!

#2 Tune into “Just Me.”

The second mindfulness exercise to practice is tuning in to yourself.

Ask yourself, “What does just me feel like? Just me.”

Just your nervous system, just your body.

You might want to try this out right now.

Set your intention, put your attention on your body on how you’re feeling. Then think or say, “Just me, just me.

Intend to let go of all other emotional radio stations except your own.

“Just me, just me.” 

Do you feel relief?

If you feel any relief, a lightening in your mind, heart and gut, that’s a clue that you were carrying other’s emotions.

If you’re still feeling some contraction or heaviness, this likely belongs to you. You may want to do a Wisdom Well Meditation to work on healing this or gaining insight.

Mindfulness exercise just me

#3 Tune into “Truth”

Practice setting an intention to tune into the deeper truth.

Don’t let your mind run away with what this truth could mean.

This is not about a story or a judgment or a belief. This is an intention to feel the song of truth. To tune in to wisdom.

Here’s an example.

Your attention is on someone when you notice feelings of sadness – a contracted heavy feeling.

So you tune in to “Just me, just me”, and the contracted sense lifts because it’s not yours.

Next, you could set an intention to feel deeper than their personality, to tune in deeper than the emotions for the deeper truth of that person.

How you know you’ve connected intuitively is you’ll feel an energetic change towards openness. You sense the wholeness and peace that is always in the fabric of life.

Underneath personality and the fluctuating songs of life, there is truth. The true self. Which is open, whole, non-dual and made of peace and life. 

Tuning into truth and wisdom can be very supportive.


Because while you’re tuning in to deeper truth, you’re also inviting others’ to sense their true self intuitively.

Tuning in to deeper truth and wisdom

#4 Tune into “The earth beneath your feet”

The next thing you can tune into is the earth beneath your feet.  Many of my students love this as a regular mindfulness exercise.

There are no rules here, I hope you realize that these are loving suggestions and guidelines. Even though I’ve made a list, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it as a rigid process.

Try out this intuitive empath tune in. Sense and feel the earth beneath your feet.
This is a form of grounding.

NOTE: Let go of the mind’s idea of the earth, not our projected emotions and stories about the earth.

How do you tune in to the earth to ground yourself?

You ask, “How does the earth feel?”

This way we tune into the ground for support and notice how our body feels.

Notice the response in your body as you shift attention to various, “Intuitive Radio Stations” or as I like to call them songs-of-life.

Intuitively tune in to the universe

#5 Tune into “The True Self”

Set an intention to feel the open space of the pure true self.

This may require an understanding of what the true self is – read more about how to use intuition to know the true self, as pure non-dual awareness.

The true self is not a ‘me.’ The self that is not a little separate creature. The true self is pure ordinary awareness. That which is aware.

If you want to experiment with this, sense what happens when you tune in to just being, the “I am”.

Notice how the words, “I am” feels intuitively with no qualifying statements, with no labels, with no box to climb into. No I am a… this or a that. Just I exist. I am.

This is a climbing out of all identification boxes.

This is discovering the freedom of your true self. Using your Intuitive Empath skills to tune in with your nervous system to your true existence. Discovering what that is. What the “I” truly is.

Just to rest attention in the home of yourself and to discover that it is awareness, always open openness. Always free freedom. Always peaceful peace. 

This tuning in to the true self has been the greatest gift of my life. It transformed the burden of being an Intuitive Empath into a gift. 

This peace and wholeness, that is the ground of being, is the fabric of life itself.

Which means that instead of feeling tossed around by an ocean of feelings and energy, you can rest your mind, heart and gut in the non-dual Self. Rest as you are, abide as the self.

The wave of the ocean resting as the ocean.

True self

Summary of the five mindfulness exercises to use as an Intuitive Empath to develop your intuition and avoid overwhelm.

  1. Pay attention to attention. Understand that intention + attention are keys to consciously changing what you are intuitively tuned into. Choosing your intuitive radio stations, instead of being overwhelmed by all the songs of life.
  2. Tuning in to “Just me, just me.” Letting go of the emotions and songs of life you may unconsciously be carrying.
  3. Tuning in to the deeper truth. Exploring the deeper peaceful open reality that exists beneath the movement of personality, mind, heart and gut instinct.
  4. Ground by tuning in to the earth, not the story of it but the supportive anchoring.
  5. Finally, you are invited to discover the true self, as pure non-dual awareness. Tune in and rest as the true self. 

I wish this for you with all my heart.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t rush.

Experiment with these mindfulness exercises

May you be free of the overwhelm of having intuitive empath skills, so that you can walk through life consciously as the true self, that is never-not-free.

I wish this for you with all my heart.