Is my Intuition right, can I trust my intuition?

Sometimes it can be really difficult to tell whether our intuition is guiding us to avoid something, to close a door, to not follow a path or whether it’s just pure fear.

How can we tell if we should trust our intuition?

You might ask, “Is my intuition right?”

Is it fear or your intuition telling you not to move forward?

In this tutorial, let’s understand the difference between anxiety, fear and intuition.

How can you discern whether it’s intuition or fear guiding you?

Is it fear or intuition?

Just for a moment, imagine you’re standing in front of a bridge…

You’re about to cross this bridge (a metaphor)…

… but you’re overcome with anxiety.

You wonder, “Is this fear or my intuition telling me not to go forward?”

And both could be true, right?

  • “Is it my fear? Because I’ve read stories about trolls under bridges, so I’m scared that a troll is waiting for me?”
  • “Is it my conditioning? When I was young there was a troll under a bridge and now I’m afraid of bridges.”
  • Is my intuition right? Is there actually a troll under the bridge and my intuition is warning me?”

Fear does not indicate anything but fear

There may or may not be something under the metaphorical bridge.

Fear causes a contracted feeling in the body.

Fear is false evidence appearing real F-E-A-R.

A famous fable delivers non-dual teachings about a man going to a well to drink water. He sees a snake at the well and is too afraid to approach.

He waits, hoping the snake will leave. As the day moves on the light changes and he realizes ‘It’s not a snake it’s a rope!’

What happened to his fear?

The false evidence that was appearing real F-E-A-R disappeared.

The rope was still the same rope, but his perception changed.

Fear has its place. But it can also rob us of so much.

Fear vs intuition which is right

What’s the positive intention of fear?


In my life coaching training courses, we use a coaching method finding the positive intention.

From our own positions, all behaviors have a valid reason a positive intention.
Even destructive behaviors have positive intentions for their bearers.

Our bodies have an innate fear instinct designed for protection. Wisdom shows us this fear therefore comes from love, but can be distorted and destructive if we’re not conscious about it.

AND fear is very different to wisdom based intuition and intuitive inner guidance.

Fear is how life is trying to protect itself.

  • What about the fear that’s beyond survival that keeps us from natural authentic growth and expression?
  • What about the fear that overrides our soul’s wisdom?
  • What about fear of taking the wrong path in life and bumping into a troll? 

Is there a right path?

When a river flows from the top of a mountain, does the river hold itself back at its spring asking, “What is the right way down?”

Does the river fear boulders and cliffs? No.

The river knows it will find a way because the river flows around obstacles.

The human mind with its ego-fear mixed with biological fear is always trying to find the right way down the mountain.

And what we mean by “right” is “safe.”

Safe from suffering.

We’re trying to find a pain free path.

Wisdom shows us that there is no such thing as a pain-free path.

  • There’s no such thing as a pain-free path to building a business.
  • There is no such thing as a pain-free path in a relationship.
  • There’s no such thing as a pain-free path in our families.
  • There’s no such thing as a pain-free path for our health.
  • There’s no such thing as a pain-free life.

The Buddhist teaching that ‘life is suffering’ might be something the ego doesn’t want to hear, but life has its obstacles. 

Life is full of cliffs and boulders.

Intuitively find a way

Align In-tuition with truth

When intuition is aligned to the ego, we try to find obstacle-free paths (which is impossible).

Instead, we can use our intuition to tune in to find a way to increase the river’s flow.

Our river can flow when we align to wisdom and truth, even around obstacles.

But if we hold back our river because of fear, we block the flow.

When we’re tuned in to our deepest truth, we’re tuned into that which opens the flow. 

When we want to know, “Is my intuition right?” it’s important to remove the distortion of fear. 

Let’s go back to the troll and the bridge.

When we face the metaphorical bridges of life, it helps us to remember that there is no right path in life. As in, there’s no pain-free path.

Read more on intuition vs ego.

How do we know if it’s a rope or a snake? “Is my intuition right?”

How do we know whether our fear is directing us or intuition?

Until you get equal to your trolls, you won’t be sure.

How do we get equal to our trolls, our perceived or imagined fears? As you cross the bridge, you can imagine facing the troll, then show yourself what is still true.

Tune in intuitively to the deepest truth, to find what can never be touched.

The deepest truth that can never be taken from you.

Tune in to the truth that you are love, that you are peace. Find the ever-present true self. 

Once you feel equal and neutralise your fear, you can use your intuition more accurately to feel for whether this path belongs to your river, to your truth or not.

Use your intuition to tune in and find the truth, then show yourself that you are equal to all trolls.

That should help neutralize the fear in your body so that you can see without fear inter-fear-ring.

Fear inter-fears

I’m intentionally spelling interfering wrong because fear interferes with our intuition.

Fear is like static on a radio station, making it difficult to hear clearly.

The moment you feel more neutral, you can hear your intuition with less fear.

You’re listening for where the river wants to flow, knowing that the river is not afraid.

Tune in, use your intuition to feel for where your true natural movement wants to flow to, your intuitive, spontaneous, natural movement.

Fear inter-fears with intuition

Knowing that there are obstacles, knowing that there is no right path, knowing that you are equal to the trolls.

That’s the clearest state to be to access intuitive clarity.

Then instead of asking, “Is my intuition right?” ask, “What is the Deeper truth” to open to your wisdom.

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