5 Ways to use your intuition to find and free your true self.

Learn how to TUNE IN intuitively to the truth that sets us free—abide as the true self.

Are you aware that attention determines what we you tuned into?

Our nervous system responds to everything attention is on.

This determines the way our body and mind feels. Attention determines whether you are tuned in to the true self or the apparent false self.

Tuning in and moving your attention goes further than the five physical senses?

When used in a specific way, intuition can become an essential tool, supporting non-dual self-realization or what is often called enlightenment.

If I paint something on a canvas, I might focus so much on the objects painted, that I forget about the canvas.

We use our intuition every day, mostly unconsciously, to tune in to the objects of awareness.

We miss awareness—which is like the canvas.

True self is non-dual awareness

Tune in to the true self.

Instead of using intuition to tune into objects (people, things, sensations, feelings and thoughts).

I recommend learning to tune into the self. This can be tricky, though, because the mind will try to direct your attention to yet another object, which it might again label as the “self”.

The very act of the mind searching for the Self, indicates that you’re looking for the self as an object in awareness, and have not yet understood that you are not an object and cannot be found as one.

Objects include:

  • thoughts,
  • feelings,
  • people,
  • places,
  • colours,
  • sounds,
  • sensory experiences…

… in summary, anything you can be aware of is an object—an object of experience. Anything you can be aware of is an object of awareness.

We make the mistake of believing that the self is an object. All the while, we are pure awareness.

All objects arise in awareness—from awareness and as awareness. Please don’t believe me, check.

You are aware. Yes?

Now, what are you aware of?


All the contents of awareness are in awareness. And you are that awareness.

No things are aware of awareness. Awareness is aware of things.

The painting needs the canvas; the canvas does not need the painting.

Thoughts, feelings and sensations depend on awareness to exist; awareness does not depend on thoughts, feelings and sensations to exist.

Check for yourself in your own direct experience.

Intuition can be a helpful ally, a skill used to explore the subtle seeing required to discern the subject (awareness) from the object (contents of awareness).

Because the mind is an object—it is impossible to use the mind to locate the self.

It’s like asking the words on a computer screen to tell you who you are. Asking your thoughts to tell you about you as awareness is futile and frustrating.

Here are some of the key teachings that I offer my students with regards to developing their intuition for non-dual understanding.  

Spiritual Quote - non-dual awareness

#1 Turning attention inwards.

Begin by turning attention away from the objects of the seemingly external world, of people and places and things, towards the apparent internal world, of feelings, thoughts and the sense of “I”.

The ordinary overlooked sense that you exist.

It is habit that keeps attention fixed on objects.

Because attention is fixed on seemingly “external objects,” we tune in intuitively, almost exclusively to objects—until we don’t.

Intuitively tune in to the universe

#2 The Universe as a knowledge library.

Think of the Universe as a knowledge library.

All objects are like songs, playing as knowledge in the universe.

This knowledge is not written in human language. It’s translated by the surface mind into human language.

This ‘knowledge’ is the very fabric of the object itself. You could say that all objects are made of knowledge.

When we focus attention on an object, we have access to the object-knowledge, to the song.

We have access to how it appears, which we see, hear, touch and taste. And whether we know it consciously or not, we have intuitive access to subtle knowledge, the knowledge of the beingness of the object.

When we are tuned in intuitively, the song of the object plays inside of our nervous system—body and mind.

This is how we can feel what others are feeling—regardless of where or when they are.

Intuition proves to anyone willing to experiment, that what we are is unlimited. Intuition proves that there’s something about us that can reach beyond the seeming boundaries of the physical body.

It’s difficult to sustain the false belief of being a separate self when you’ve proven to yourself that you can tune in intuitively to anything—anywhere—regardless of space and time.  

I’ve spent most of my life testing my intuition, pushing these limits. So I know that it’s possible to tune in to anything, anywhere, anytime and gather knowledge.

Because of this validation, I came to realize that the reason that this is possible, is because what I am and what you are, is not separate—not limited is non-dual.

Sensations in my left hand, cannot be known to my right hand. They can only both be known to me because both hands are songs of knowledge in me.

You can place attention on a tree and know the song of the tree. But most people are tuned in to their thoughts about the tree and so they miss the tree.

Spiritual quote on thoughts vs non-dual seeing

#4 Most people don’t know that they are tuning in.

Most are not paying attention to attention, most miss that they’re tuning in to the objects of awareness—harvesting knowledge.

To become conscious, we can develop intuition to directly access the truth of the non-dual true self.

You must be something unlimited if you are capable of accessing knowledge that is beyond the limitations of your physical body and mind.


If you were truly separate—locked in the limited body and mind—it would be impossible to access information outside of your physical boundaries.

But every day, people intuit things that are beyond their apparent physical boundaries. They feel and sense much more than what their five senses can access.

#3 Attention and Intention are functions in awareness.

Attention is a function that arises in awareness. Its job is to focus on the knowledge of objects to harvest knowledge.

  • Intention is a function that arises in awareness; it is the shepherd of attention, the conductor. It guides attention to the objects we are interested in.
  • Intention is silent. It is like a quiet decision. It is not limited to physical barriers that the body and the mind are subject to you.
  • Attention is guided by a silent intention to tune in to any object. Attention is not limited to the physical limitations of the body and mind.

This can be tested and validated in your ordinary experience. Therefore intention and attention belong to something unlimited.

Attention and intention are subtle objects in awareness because you, as awareness, are aware of them.

You are awareness

#5 Use intuition to realize the non-dual true self.

Once you’re able to consciously use your intuition, to guide attention with intention, to tune in to the knowledge of objects—you can more easily use your intuition to explore the ground of your being.


Rest attention in its source—which is you as pure awareness.

  • Attention rises in awareness to tune in to the objects as contents of awareness.
  • Awareness uses attention and intention to know the world.
  • Awareness uses attention and intention to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, to partake of the physical universe.

After the journey of eating of the tree of knowledge, eating the objects of apparent duality, attention and intention are called home.

Rest attention in the home of the true self.

When the songs of the non-dual true self play through our nervous system, it is a song of peace, love and Joy.

Of Satchitananda; a Sanskrit phrase for the non-dual self.

In this way, intuition can be used to find the true self, to realize non-dual reality, embodied—live this.

Closing Message

I’m aware that this work can feel complex and even confusing at first. If this interests you, then please be patient with your mind, work with one idea at a time, tune in, experiment with directly knowing your true self as ordinary awareness.

I am forever grateful that life gave me clear intuitive skills and a highly discerning mind. Intuitive skills revealed that there was indeed more to life than what was met with the eye. A discerning mind pushed, tested and drove my intense hunger to find the truth.

Like the river finding the ocean, your true self is calling you home.

With love,