You try to find answers ‘within’ but all you get are busy thoughts or nothing.

If you struggle to get ‘aha’ clarity and inner guidance you may feel like giving up. But what if there is 1 important first step that you might be missing?

When I asked wisdom recently why it’s almost impossible on some days to find inner intuitive insight, because my mind is too distracted, and I cannot tell the difference between the voice of ego and the voice of wisdom… Whereas other times, wisdom seems so easy to draw from.

This is the clarity that I found:

Intention is the key. Intention directs the bucket into the well.”

Without strong, sincere, clear intentions, our buckets lie on the surface being dragged through the dirt.

When we ask for inner guidance casually, without a strong sense of purposeful focus, the bucket isn’t lowered into the well.

Intention is a silent decision. It’s a ‘yes’ born of earnest sincerity. And the stronger this ‘yes’, the stronger the intention.

This is why suffering often opens us to wisdom more easily. Have you noticed this?

In a state of surrender and need we strengthen intention and this lowers that bucket of inquiry inward deeper than the surface egoic mind.

When we come to our wisdom well too lightly, with mild curiosity or casual distraction, the bucket isn’t lowered.

This is why the first step to accessing our Wisdom Well is always DIG. We need to be willing to put our fingers in the sand.

The raw and real honest human feelings we are feeling about a topic create focused intention. And it helps to notice how these feelings are felt in the physical sensations of the body.

It’s about tuning in to the song of jealousy, sadness, pettiness, anxiety, confusion, procrastination, distraction, resistance, embarrassment, the concern—whatever song is playing in us, tune in to this first to more easily tune in to wisdom later.

“This is how I’m feeling,” is a helpful focus point as you start your meditation. Share as if inner wisdom is your best friend.

It can also help to do some journaling and write freely from the raw and real dirt under fingernails experience.

What if the topic doesn’t elicit suffering, stress or struggle? Still, access your deepest desire, interest, and longing for clarity—anything that takes you to a place of sincerity.

Find an inner ‘yes’ that says, “I want wisdom”. Use emotion, physical sensations, and decisive thought to feel and know your ‘yes.’

Then after sharing this, open to wisdom and notice how the bucket fills with crystal clear knowing.

Whether you are guiding yourself or others, remember to always dig your well first.