Who am I to have the audacity to coach, to lead, to guide?

Who am I to think that I have something valuable to offer? Isn’t it arrogance? 

If you struggle, how can you show up to help other people with their struggles?

How many times has this blocked you, held you back, kept you prisoner, and prevented you from fully expressing your purpose? From expressing your natural apple tree self? 

When you’re in front of someone that needs you, doesn’t it just flow? Doesn’t it just happen naturally? Even if there’s stress, or even if there are doubts, they all fall away.

And instead, there’s just the person or the group in front of you.

Your apple tree knows what to do.

Your natural true self knows what to do.

When that question arises, “Who am I to think that I can put myself out there as a coach, as a leader, as a guide, as a facilitator of change?”

Use what wisdom taught me once about this exact question that plagued me for a long time.

I asked the depths of my wisdom, I said, “Who am I?” with all the fear and with all the holding back, all the what ifs?

And wisdom translated “Who are you not to? An apple tree doesn’t say I’m better than because it’s not true. And an apple tree neither says I’m less than. Because that’s also not true. It doesn’t hide itself under a rock behind a shed. It simply says, I am this.”

Who am I to guide? Lead, teach, facilitate? Who are you not to?

How are you holding your apples back from being made by your apple tree?

Ego is plus and minus.

The depth of you, the truth of you, is equal to. So when you feel plus-minus dynamics showing up in you, the polarization between the part of the mind that says make yourself look more and the part of the mind that says make yourself look less.

Understand that your biology, your physiology, your survival program. When something approaches you that feels big. Whenever you’re facing a big challenge or a big unknown, the response is going to be plus, minus or minus, right?

It’s going to be make yourself superior, bigger, or make yourself inferior, smaller. It’s going to be posture, exaggerate, mask, or it’s going to be minimize, hide, shrink back, run, play dead.

Colleen-Joy's Wisdom Toons

Those two responses—have compassion for them. They come from your biology. They come from your body’s instinctive response to life because everything in nature is wired. It’s got software to survive. But what is that deeper, deeper truth?

What does wisdom see in that moment?

Wisdom sees that “I am this.” Just simply, “I am this.” The truth.

The mind can only consider the past and project imaginary futures.

Both are movie-making devices. The mind is only capable of making movies about what if this happens? Picturing, imagining the nightmares, all the Hollywood endings of tomorrow and reimagining the past or playing back old movies.

Your mind is imagining “who am I to be that person who will, coach, lead or guide others?”

It’s creating an imagined future, and it’s looking at your past for that time that was terrible, or that awkward feeling, and it’s now using that to paralyze you.

Wisdom, your true being, is right here, right now. That’s why when somebody is in front of you that needs you or that will benefit from your presence, the words, guidance, expertise, tools, and your skills flow.

What happens is that there’s a spontaneous meeting of the person in front of you.

So who am I to coach, lead or guide. And I say, “Who are you not to?”

If it is natural when you are in front of the person to move to serve. If a natural guide, teacher, facilitator, space holder, change agent, leader, shows up—that’s your apple tree making apples in the moment.

So your mind is trying to prepare for the future. It’s trying to avoid the pains of the past. This is a leap of faith to trust. Your apple tree knows what to do.

Believe me, I know this journey. I know how tough it is. I can’t tell you how many presentations, training events, big talks, television interviews I’ve done where my mind has tortured me with the future imagined what if? And who am I to think that I have anything valuable to say or share?

So your mind is going to hold you to ransom.

Love your mind and body software with its survival program. We say, “thanks,” but I’m going for a second opinion. Remember that the mind cannot know tomorrow. Trust your apple tree to use all the work you’ve put in, the sharpening of your skills, knowledge that you’ve gained, the courses you’ve completed, the tools that you’ve refined.

Your natural apple tree knows what it’s doing, knows how to show up, and it knows how to hold spaces to coach, lead and guide with wisdom.

Focus on serving with wisdom

If you’re just focused on being of service to the person in front of you. That’s all you need to do. Life is in service to life. Everything in nature is in service to itself, and it moves with the love to serve.

When I have felt that stress on a stage, or in a boardroom, or in front of executive, senior leaders, my mind would say, “Who am I? I’m not equal to this.”

It wants a plus-minus survival tactic. But instead, show up to serve and watch the magic happen.

You just show up and trust your apple tree with your knowledge and skills. Trust your apple tree.

In those moments in my life, and I wish this for you too, that’s when you feel this is what I was born for. Because your apple tree just makes apples. You naturally will move if you focus on serving the person in front of you.

Love moves to serve them, and everything that you have within you will be used and will be useful for serving the person in front of you.

Who am I to guide? Who am I to lead? Who am I to teach?

Who are you not to?

Trust your apple tree. It knows what it’s doing.