Someone’s looking for a safe space to share.

Someone’s looking for a spark of inspiration to brave taking their next step.

Someone’s looking for the clarity in the middle and mess of possibilities.

Someone’s looking for freedom from their inner obstacles.

Someone’s looking for themselves.

Will you be the guide, the coach, the leader that helps them build their wisdom well?

Will you be the someone they’re looking for?

Will you say yes to your role?

Will you say yes to the path of mastery so that you can serve at the highest level?

There has to be a yes. A yes from the depth of you that says, “I’m willing to do the work to be that someone for the someone that’s looking for me.”

Take a moment to look and sense your body for the whisper of knowing that feels open, like gentle truth and clear seeing.

Find that yes. If there is no yes, honor that also. Don’t force the river to flow in a direction that is not natural. Honor that there is also a timing and an ebb and tide to the cycles of becoming, and today there is no yes.

And if you feel ‘yes, this is my natural role, as natural as an apple tree being an apple tree,’ then surrender and give yourself to that yes. Follow the current of this knowing. When an apple tree says yes to being an apple tree, it frees its natural growth. It heals the inner struggle that blocks its sap from rising.

Will you be the guide someone is looking for

Does an apple tree have a choice about being an apple tree?


It’s not egotistical to say, “I am this.”

It’s not egotistical to recognize your nature.

An apple tree doesn’t say, “I am better than,” and neither does it say, “I am less than.” It simply says, “I am this.”

  • Will you say yes to being a natural coach? A guide?
  • Will you say yes and then do the work to simply be that?

We make the difference we were born to make by just being who we were born to be.

Free your being. Find the yes within you and give it your courage.

Will you be the coach and guide that someone is seeking today?


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