Join Colleen-Joy’s “100 Wisdom Well Challenge”

A meditation, self-coaching and journaling challenge to beat your inner blocks, and build your Wisdom Well with Colleen-Joy’s guidance because Your World needs Your Wisdom.

  • Guidance and Support: I’ll guide you every step of the way.
  • Community Connection: Share your experiences.
  • Exclusive Contribution: Help shape my upcoming book, “100 Wisdom Wells.” 
Colleen Joy MCC Apple Tree Wisdom Well Kite

How to participate in my 100 Wisdom Well Challenge?

I’m sure you’ll agree that, especially right now, the world needs wisdom.

In times of great stress and suffering, the world needs our wisdom more than ever.

But what if your inner obstacles are keeping you from stepping up and stepping into your role? What if the stress of living in tough times is blocking your inner intuitive guidance?

If my life has taught me anything, it’s how to access inner wisdom during insanely stressful, even traumatic times. I’ve come to call this “Building my Wisdom Well.” You could call my Wisdom Well Method a mix of simple meditation, mindfulness, journaling and self-coaching. I call it, how I survive being human.